How to pay with Utrust?

Utrust is a blockchain-based digital payment platform that combines the features of traditional online payment systems and blockchain technology to offer the best solutions from both worlds.

Click here to read the SwissBorg article about Utrust.

How to place an order with Utrust?

Once your cart is filled with SwissBorg swag, proceed to the checkout. You will have to fill in your details and choose your delivery method. Then, select "Utrust - Pay with Cryptocurrencies", and click on "Pay now". The SwissBorg Shop redirects you to the Utrust payment widget.

Note: You cannot place an order with Utrust from a mobile phone. You will be redirected to the thank you page without having paid. Your order will be automatically cancelled. You must place your order from a computer. 

How to purchase in crypto?

You will be able to pay with the following list of cryptocurrenncies: BTC, ETH, Dash, USDT, UTK and EGLD. The Utrust payment widget will allow you to select the crypto you want to pay with. The final price is displayed in cryptocurrency and the equivalent price in fiat. The Utrust rates are locked for 15 minutes.

Note: For ETH, USDT and USDC, please choose ERC20 when sending a transaction to pay on the SwissBorg Shop. For UTK and EGLD, please choose Elrond eGold

Utrust widget - How to pay with Utrust on the SwissBorg Shop

After selecting the currency you want to pay with, Utrust will display the SwissBorg shop address, so that you can make the payment. Simply scan the QR code displayed which will paste the address and enter the amount to be sent automatically. Finally, confirm the payment. Et voilá! Fast, easy and reliable.

Want to dive deeper into Utrust?

Check out our Cryptonites interview with Sanja Kon, CEO of Utrust!


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