One Tree Planted: Support reforestation

In our continued efforts to fight waste and impact the environment positively, we came up with the "One Tree Planted" operation - the latest addition to our go green strategy.

The concept? For every order placed on the shop with a tree made, we are committed to plant a tree. You can buy a tree to plant during checkout.

The funds will directly go to the One Tree Planted organisation in order to plant an additional tree on our lovely planet.

Our commitment? Preserve the planet by fighting against deforestation while offering you ethical and quality products.

SwissBorg does its utmost to reduce its environmental impact, and with your help, the difference we make will be even more significant. So join us in carrying out an act of solidarity that helps the environment with One Tree Planted!

The trees will be planted as part of reforestation projects in France and around the world to promote local and international biodiversity. Remember, one planted tree represents no less than four months of oxygen supply.

Your next order is a contribution to environmental well-being and the health of people. Make it today!

How many trees have we planted since the beginning of the operation?

Since the beginning of our reforestation operation, we have already planted 179 trees. All thanks to you! 💚

March 2022: 20 trees

April 2022: 46 trees

May 2022: 100 trees

June 2022: 6 trees

July 2022: 6 trees

August 2022: 6 trees

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