SwissBorg Community Is Key #1 - @Nicobert4

How did you hear about SwissBorg?

"I had been trading stocks for some time, and I was afraid of cryptocurrencies because of the high volatility. After extensive research on Bitcoin and altcoins, I came across the SwissBorg Mania YouTube channel (link here). So I decided to join the SwissBorg project because it was more than a token. It was an amazing crypto ecosystem and a community-centric project. I became a Genesis Premium member in January 2021."

How and why are you involved in the SwissBorg community?

"One thing led to another and I joined the SwissBorg community spirit. I met Alex Fazel (@alex_fazel) during a SwissBorg meet-up in Paris, at the Louvres. I thought it was great to discuss the project over a drink with other Borgers. I also went to the SwissBorg Annual Meeting 2022 in Lausanne and I met Alex Da Silva (@a_l7_x), Romain Morgan (@RomainSprengers), Claire (@Claire_InCrypto), Etienne (@Tienou111) etc...

The fact that I was in the community got me involved very quickly. Regarding the investment part, as I am on the long term, sooner or later SwissBorg will end up imposing itself on the European crypto market. Regarding my SwissBorg investor profile, I am a real yodler. My favorite crypto is CHSB and I also really like MIMO!

We saw with the crash of Celsius or the crash of Luna for example that SwissBorg is extremely solid. I think that SwissBorg is not yet fully recognised. I think that at the next bullrun, SwissBorg will be recognised for what it is.

As part of the SwissBorg Premium League, I designed a video of a 3D cosmonaut from scratch animated with the diamond of SwissBorg premium and the CHSB symbol #TeamPIO."

You can find the video by clicking here.

What do you propose for the SwissBorg Shop?

"The first product I created was a SwissBorg keyring because for me it's a flagship product that helps to make SwissBorg known. It's a product that appeals to the public. When the SwissBorg Shop was launched, I didn't have the 3D printer yet, and I was experimenting with prototypes at the time. There are a lot of time-consuming technical obstacles to designing this kind of product, such as colour changes. You can quickly give up... I really like creating things, with 3D design you see if your design goes with what you have imagined."

You can find the 5 SwissBorg keyrings hand-made by @Nicobert4 on the SwissBorg Shop by clicking here.

Key rings will be ready for dispatch from Wednesday 14 September!

SwissBorg keyring hand-made by @Nicobert4

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