Exclusive Premium Discount!

What is Community Premium?

In case you missed the big announcement, our goal when creating Community Premium was to offer a Premium account that was accessible to more of our community members than our original Genesis Premium and also our recent Generation and Pioneer Premium while still offering the benefits those users love - discounted fees and a yield boost on your SwissBorg Wealth App!

New benefits for our Premium members on the SwissBorg Shop!

At only 2,000 CHSB tokensCommunity Premium accounts unlock:

  • A 10% discount for life on the whole SwissBorg Shop with the discount code COMMUNITY10

Pioneer Premium members unlock:

  • A 10% discount with the code PIONEER10

Generation Premium members unlock:

  • A 20% discount with the code GENERATION20

Genesis Premium accounts unlock:

  • A 30% discount with the code GENESIS30

How to benefit from the discount?

Wether you are Genesis, Generation, Pioneer or Community Premium, your SwissBorg Shop email address needs to match with your email associated to your SwissBorg App Premium account. 

Your discount will be automatically applied to your crypto apparel order, depending on your Premium status!

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