Show off your SwissBorg swag from around the world

Find all your photos with your SwissBorg swag!

To our wonderful community, your passion and engagement are what fuel us daily! We have launched a new swag challenge #SwissBorgWorld - just tag us using # to show off your SB love wearing your swag around the world and we will send four of you even more SWAG!


SwissBorg swag #SwissBorgWorld - Kenya, Africa SwissBorg swag - Kenya 


SwissBorg swag Ashley - Lausanne, Switzerland SwissBorg swag and Girl - Lausanne, Switzerland SwissBorg swag and animal rights

@SebastienPortm1                    @ChenauxRoger  

SwissBorg swag - Paris, France SwissBorg swag - Coconut Island    SwissBorg swag - Mexico

    @Zellou_     @_Crypto_Babe     @pocho6ix

SwissBorg swag - Dubai, UAE   SwissBorg swag - Gruyères, Switzerland   SwissBorg swag #SwissBorgWorld - Burj Khalifa, Dubai     

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